10 Beauty Secrets Of the Unsurpassed Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is a superstar of the fashion world of the 90s, she shone at the shows of famous couturiers and graced the covers of top glossy magazines. A sophisticated blonde with blue eyes, she amazed with her article and slightly coldish beauty. It’s hard to believe that the model will turn 50 this August because she looks as brilliant as she did at the beginning of her career. How does she do it?

Here are 10 Beauty Secrets Of the Unsurpassed Claudia Schiffer.

In her youth, Claudia was very shy, which is very uncharacteristic for the modeling business, therefore, despite her beauty, she was not expected to be very successful in this industry. However, in addition to natural modesty, this girl also had an iron character and stubbornly walked towards her goal. And she proved to everyone that she deserves the title of supermodel no less than her colleagues in the fashion department Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell. It is worth noting that the past years and the birth of three children did not affect Claudia’s figure and face in any way – she is still fresh and stunningly beautiful. The star is not at all shy about her age but admits that her beauty arsenal also has her own little secrets.

Face fitness

“Every day I do gymnastics and facial massage to improve circulation,” Schiffer said in an old interview and has not changed this rule since. She does face fitness every morning, without breaks for weekends, holidays, and work trips. In addition, she devotes a lot of time to home skincare and strictly adheres to the obligatory beauty routine. She thoroughly cleanses, tones, moisturizes, and nourishes her skin using cosmetics specially selected according to age.

Minimum makeup

In the work of models, there is plenty of makeup at the shows, therefore in everyday life, Claudia prefers to do with a minimal set of decorative cosmetics. She always has concealer in her makeup bag to hide imperfections, bronzer to freshen up her complexion a little, lip balm, and some mascara.

Always stay blonde

If other supermodels periodically experimented with hair color and hairstyle. Then Claudia always remained faithful to her long and naturally blond curls. By nature, the star had thin hair, but who would have guessed if she herself had not stated this? This is because Schiffer has always done voluminous styling, combing the strands at the roots, and then smoothing them with a massage comb. In case the hairstyle needs to be freshened up urgently, there is always a dry shampoo in the model’s purse. Which will not only remove excess sebum but also give incredible volume to the hair.

Carefully care for your hair

Claudia Schiffer’s career began with advertising for hair cosmetics. So she always paid no less attention and care to her curls than to her face, because they were also her “working tool”. To keep the hair healthy and shiny, the model thoroughly cleans them and then necessarily applies an indelible balm or a nourishing mask. “People spend so much time on skincare they do not understand that hair requires no less attention,”  said the star. On this issue, it is difficult to disagree with her But she does not like complex styling. Therefore she made loose and slightly wavy curls an integral part of her image.

Always protect yourself from the sun

Claudia is naturally light-skinned blonde, and she really likes it, because she is carefully protected from the sun. The model has repeatedly admitted that dark glasses and a product with a high SPF index are her best friends, without which she does not leave the house.

Forget about bad habits

Alcohol, smoking, improper sleep, and wakefulness this is not for Claudia. She knows for sure that bad habits do not contribute to the preservation of beauty. Therefore she categorically protests against them. But clean water, organic fruits, and vegetables are always at hand for the model, because vitamins are just very necessary in order to prolong youth.

No exhausting workouts

Sport is an integral part of Claudia’s life, she trains every day and with great pleasure. Yoga, Pilates, tennis, long walks with the dogs – she loves it all. However, she does not accept exhausting training, for example, running. “It’s important for me to relax my muscles. Thanks to yoga, I learned to breathe correctly. And walks in the fresh air tone up the skin, ”she explained her position.

Eat properly

The secret of the model’s beautiful figure, by her own admission, is that she tries to eat right. She does not have strict restrictions on the menu but at the same time. She eats in small portions and strictly monitors that there is no fast food, “junk” products, and preservatives on the plate. “You need to count not calories, but the amount of chemistry and sugar,” this is her credo.

Have a spa day at home

Schiffer has repeatedly admitted that she cannot live without a spa. For her, this is the perfect way to relax and get some rest. Massage, lymphatic drainage procedures help her feel good, keep her muscles in good shape. And if there is no way to go to the salon. The model arranges a spa day right at home takes a bath with salt and aromatic oils, lights candles, and tries in every possible way to pamper herself in order to restore the resource.

Don’t forget about perfume

Fragrances are an important part of Claudia’s life. She cannot imagine life without her favorite perfumes. There are a lot of them in her personal collection: the model carefully chooses, focusing on her feelings and emotions. Sometimes it can be a floral perfume. Sometimes it is woody or citrus, but it is always her favorite and reflects her mood.

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