15 Awful Things You Do While Grooming

Each of us spends a lot of time and money on something, to look good, but often all the efforts are in vain because of the common mistakes and misconceptions about self-care. Check yourself against our list!

1. Wash your makeup brushes too rarely

The fact that you bought a wonderful set of makeup brushes is half the battle, now you need to learn how to care for them. A dirty brush is a breeding ground for bacteria that will eventually cause acne. How often should they be washed? Makeup artists recommend washing your foundation brushes every time you use them, and for powder and blush, 1-2 times a week. Not that hard, right? By the way, buying a special gel is not necessary: ​​shampoo or even soap will do an excellent job with this task.

2. You constantly experiment with cosmetics

We believe, that you adore make-up and are ready to buy ” all these jars.” But here’s the surprise: Changing your essential skincare products frequently can lead to skin problems, allergies, and breakouts. If you find a cream, which suits you, stay faithful to him. Contrary to the common misconception, the skin does not get used to cosmetic products. So it is better to use familiar and high-quality creams, and not “jump” from one to another.

3. Wrong choice of foundation

Another surprise the foundation should be chosen not only by skin color but also by its type. And this is very important! It’s simple a foundation for oily skin is not suitable for dry skin, and vice versa. How to understand, if the label does not say anything? Read reviews and consult when buying, this is the only way to avoid this mistake in facial skincare!

4. Touch your face with your hands

The only time, when you can touch without consequences his face in his hands. When you are at home and they thoroughly washed before it. In transport, on the street, at work, try not to touch your skin and get rid of the bad habit of supporting your face with your palm! From this, there is acne, yeah.

5. Combing wet hair

First, comb wet hair, and then are surprised, that the tips so mercilessly flogged? In vain! This is a common mistake in hair care. In order not to injure your hair once again, first thoroughly blot it with a towel ( just do not rub it!). Then walk a little with a hairdryer only after that you can take up the comb and start styling.

6. You use scrubs too often

We agree, that the cleansing the basis of beautiful skin, but enough already to rub his face scrub! And you don’t have to do this every day, there will be no benefit. You will only disrupt the natural pH and immunity of the skin. If scrub then 1-2 times a week, and that’s enough for you.

7. Don’t use face toner

Some unscrupulous women’s publications list the face tonic as “ unnecessary beauty products”, but it undeservedly gets on these lists over and over again. In fact, you need a tonic, and how! When washing your face, you somehow disrupt the natural pH balance of the skin, and the toner just restores it and gives additional moisture.

8. Don’t use a night cream

“ Let the skin rest, breathe, today I will do without a night cream,” you think and go to bed with a calm soul. In fact, the night cream moisturizes and nourishes the skin well, accelerates the recovery processes. And yes, the latter is most active at night. So rest for the skin is not a dream without cream, but quite the opposite.

9. You often powder your face

The worst, what you can do with your skin to powder her several times a day with the appearance of oily shine. And it’s not even, like, this layer of powder then looks, but in fact, that the pores are still clogged! How can that be, avoid mistakes facials? Always first blot your face with a matting napkin, and if after that you still need powder, then use it.

10. Trying to ” dry” oily skin

Another mistake in skincare: you have oily skin, prone to shine, and therefore you constantly wipe it with alcohol lotions, salicylic alcohol, and other miracle remedies. In fact, everything is exactly the opposite the only way to get the skin to produce less sebum is to start its active ” cajole”!

It is the oils that can dry the skin, this has been proven in practice. It’s just that your skin ” thinks” that it already has enough fat, and starts to work less actively. Before going to bed, apply a generous layer of oil to your face. You can use it under a night cream, or as a standalone product.

11. Forgetting about the skin of the neck and décolleté

When you apply moisturizer, you probably forget about the neck and décolleté? And if so far this does not affect your beauty in any way, then after a while it is the neck that will be the first to “ surrender” its true age. So remember the holy rule: apply the cream on the face, neck, and décolleté.

12. Tweeze eyebrows before, how to do make-up

Any makeup artist will tell you, that the correction of eyebrows and make-up the two procedures, which are not made in one day. If you decide to correct the shape of your eyebrows with tweezers, then do it in the evening, after washing. Thus, you will reduce the risk of bacteria getting in, and there will be no irritation around the eyebrows, which will then have to be masked with concealer.

13. You wash off cosmetics only with a gel for washing

Huge mistake uses the gel to remove make-up and think if this is enough. Or at best, complete the wash with micellar water. As a result, the cosmetics still remain on the skin, the pores become clogged, and black spots appear! The modern way to effectively cleanse the skin and remove make-up consists of three stages: first, remove cosmetics with hydrophilic oil, then wash with soft foam, and at the very end, wipe the skin with a toner. If it is too difficult, then there is another way a special oil-based washing balm.

14. Putting perfume on your hair

If you have luxurious hair that is not prone to dryness. Then you can stop reading spray it with perfume as much as you like. But, alas, most girls have dry hair ends, and the use of perfume. Which almost always contains alcohol, only aggravates this situation. So, if your favorite scent is on your skin.

15. Rarely change your pillowcase

The last habit, which harms your beauty rare replacement pillowcases. Changing bed linen once a week, as a rule, is quite enough, but better to wash the pillowcase every other day. This option is not for the lazy! It’s all about the notorious bacteria you rub your face and hair about the pillowcase. It is most susceptible to pollution, and the delicate skin of the face will not forgive this later! And he will answer. Acne.

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