9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

Mastoptosis is a term that refers to the natural sagging of the female breast. At the beginning of this inevitable process is influenced by many factors, such as smoking, genetic characteristics, rapid weight loss, age. In this article, you will find the most common myths about the prevention of mastocytosis, which you should not believe, and useful recommendations for its prevention.

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

Consider the popular misconceptions about the causes of breast aging and those tips that actually do not help. Mastoptosis should be remembered from a young age, as well as preventive measures that will help delay this sign of aging and keep the bust in good shape.

Myth No. 1. The main reason for sagging is breastfeeding.

Many women think so in vain. Breastfeeding does not affect the appearance of mastocytosis. The number of pregnancies can contribute to sagging due to the deformation of a woman’s body, but there are other reasons besides this. The most natural of these is gravity. Some girls experience early sagging breasts, which can occur even before the age of 20 years.

Myth No. 2. Push-ups and other exercises “pump up” the chest

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

Fitness gurus offer a ton of special exercises that strengthen your chest muscles. But they will not save from sagging and will not pull anything up. The female breast consists mainly of fat and the mammary gland itself, its shape can not be changed by any exercises. With age, the skin becomes less elastic, and the mammary glands themselves decrease. Therefore, the chest seems “empty.” Exercise also helps to strengthen the muscles of the chest that are located behind the chest.

Myth No. 3. Small breasts do not sag

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

Sagging breasts are an inevitable age-related change, and breast size does not affect its appearance. Large breasts are more prone to early sagging. But even on small breasts, gravity acts, and it becomes difficult for ligaments weakened with age to cope with the load.

Myth No. 4. A bra will save from sagging

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

The bra maintains shape and for many is a necessary element of the wardrobe. But the constant wear of a bra, on the contrary, contributes to sagging. The bra lifts the chest and facilitates the work of the ligaments, so they weaken faster and lose their ability to support the breast in a natural way. Do not completely abandon the bra if you feel pain and discomfort, for example, playing sports, but you should not wear it constantly.

Myth No. 5. Too big bra makes sagging.

This claim is not supported by any research. But linen not selected to fit the size can cause discomfort and rub the skin.

Myth No. 6. Running will make your breasts firmer.

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

Jogging and other sports are certainly good for our bodies. But women should remember that while running, the chest also makes intense movements. Such a load does not strengthen, but stretches the ligaments, leading to sagging.

Myth No. 7. Water massage raises a sagging bust.

Massage with trickles of the soul is a pleasant process that keeps the skin in good shape. But, unfortunately, this does not affect the functioning of the ligaments and does not raise a bust that has fallen.

Myth No. 8. Creams and oils will raise already sagging breasts.

Unfortunately, such a miracle cure does not exist. Studies have shown that no cosmetic or “folk” remedy can cope with the problem of sagging breasts. However, it is recommended to use funds to maintain skin tone, this can delay sagging.

Myth No. 9. It is impossible to prevent sagging breasts.

Sooner or later, age will take its toll. And better late than early. An already sagging bust cannot be lifted with cosmetics or exercises, however, there are various surgical methods. In addition, preventive measures will help to avoid early aging, which we will discuss later.

Mastoptosis prophylaxis

9 Myths About Breast Aging and Prevention

  • Do not stay in the open sun for a long time, use sunscreens, as the skin loses its elasticity due to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Do not wear a bra all the time, such as at home. But during sports, especially jogging, it is worth putting on a special supportive bra. Most effective are models with separate cups for each breast.
  • Remember that smoking provokes early aging of the skin, including breast skin, as it destroys the protein elastin. Smoking is called one of the main causes of early sagging breasts.
  • Go in for sports in order to maintain the normal general condition of the body.
  • Follow a balanced diet, pay attention to substances that improve skin elasticity proteins, vitamins, antioxidants.
  • Firming creams and lotions will not be redundant until the breast has sagged.

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