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We started in 2014 as a typical local fishing shop around the corner. Every customer was welcome and treated with due attention. Each week our assortment was growing with both top products and new products that could not be found anywhere else.

Currently, products from our store are used by thousands of anglers throughout Poland. This is what determines us to further improve the quality of products and customer service. We know we still have a lot to do. And we’ll stick to that.


Fishing shop
We have tens of thousands of products,
a wide range of the best producers from Poland and abroad,
the assortment is increasing every day. 
Fishing is our passion, therefore, as enthusiasts, we advise enthusiasts.
Every year we organize a Fishing Competition for the Trophy of the diyfashionhacks Fishing Shop, to which we invite everyone willing. We run a fishing blog with tips for keen anglers.