Beauty Recipes from Japanese Women

Looking much younger than your age is one of the nice features of Asian beauty. Take, for example, Japanese women: at 40 they look at 20, while even in age they can boast of a slender figure and toned body.

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

How do they do it? There are several main reasons: a high standard of living, proper nutrition, and tender self-love. But there is one more thing. An expert in Japan shared the secrets of the beauty of Japanese women, which, perhaps, we will adopt.

Do daily facial massage

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

Japanese women are convinced that daily facial massage is very key to forever young skin without wrinkles. And therefore, with the same trepidation with which Japanese women apply beauty products, they rub each of these products into the skin. Gentle circular movements help beneficial substances to penetrate the skin faster, and at the same time perfectly relax muscles and improve microcirculation.

Cleanse and moisturize your skin

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

Cleansing and hydration are the main beauty rituals of Japanese girls. No Japanese woman will go to bed with makeup on her face, so the number one remedy is a cleansing skin lotion. The product is warmed up in the hands and applied pointwise: on the forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, after which they are distributed along the entire surface of the face along massage lines. The cleansing procedure is completed with nourishing facial milk. But Japanese women take the choice of face cream very seriously: they look primarily at the composition of the product, and not at what they say in advertising.

Take a hot bath

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

According to residents of the land of the rising sun, another important step on the way to beautiful skin is a hot bath – at least twice a week. Ideally, it is better to take it before bedtime to relax, relieve stress, and properly clean the skin. Add sea salt, rose petals, or herbal tea to the water to get the most benefits from the procedure.

Give up tanning

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

Unlike our girls, Japanese tans are not held in high esteem. Rest assured, you will never see a Japanese girl lying on the beach under the scorching sun. Beautiful skin is white skin, the residents of Japan are sure, therefore a cream with SPF is an obligatory product for them at any time of the year. We will not argue: the sun ages the skin contributes to the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

Leave the injection for later

Beauty recipes from Japanese women

While you torment yourself with painful peels and injections, Japanese girls prefer to strengthen the resources of their own body with the help of natural remedies. Most residents of the country of the rising sun have already tried the so-called “deep penetration cosmetics” and are quite happy with the result. So, maybe you should wait with injections of youth and take an example from those who look great without them?

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