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Exercises That Make Your Face Shine Brighter Than Stars

In order to keep the body fit, we need constant training. Muscles quickly lose their tone if they are not tackled. The same story is with our faces. That the skin was tightened, not sagging, and looked good, you need to do exercises. And the sooner you start, the better.

Today, the editors of DIY Fashion Hacks!” will share with you special gymnastics for the face from wrinkles and saggy skin. The face will just shine!

Home Gymnastics

Face building, face yoga, or just gymnastics you can call it whatever you like, but the essence is the same. This is a set of exercises that helps to use all the muscles of the face, improve blood circulation, and return the skin to a healthy color. Gymnastics has rejuvenating effect wrinkles are smoothed, the skin is tightened, it becomes elastic and radiant.

Exercises for lifting with regular exercises not only tighten muscles but also keep all facial muscles in good shape. Gymnastics fights the causes of aging and gives a result comparable to a facelift. So let’s move on to the exercises.


  • Alternating exhalations

    Take a deep breath through the nose, expanding the nostrils. Then hold the left corner of your mouth and exhale through the right. Next, exhale through the left corner of your mouth. This exercise will not only tighten the cheeks but also protect the nasolabial folds from wrinkles.

  • Inflate your cheeks

    Take a deep breath through your nose and hold your breath for 3-5 seconds. Then, by inflating the cheeks, exhale forcefully through the mouth without opening the lips.

  • Tighten the corners of the mouth

    Inhale through the nose and hold your breath for a few seconds. After exhaling through the mouth, pulling the lips with a tube, hold the corners of the mouth with two fingers.

  • Smooth wrinkles on the forehead

    On the forehead, but the second, third, and fourth fingers of both hands, and press the superciliary arch with the little finger. Fix your fingers on the frontal bone and press on them with your forehead, overcoming the resistance.

  • Eye Exercise Place the

    fingers of both hands near the eyes: the middle finger presses in the middle of the eyebrow, the index finger on the outer corner of the eye, and the ring finger on the inner. Your task in this position is to close your eyes, overcoming the resistance of the fingers. You can do this with just two fingers, without pressing on the eyebrow.

  • We remove the double chin

    With smooth movements, turn our head to the left shoulder to the stop, taking a deep breath. Then to the right, also to the stop. Then lower your head to your chest, exhaling.

  • Kiss

    Smile broadly, and then fold your lips with a straw. The wider the smile and the thinner the tube, the greater the load on the muscles and, accordingly, the effect will be better.

Such a simple but very effective set of exercises. Their implementation should be approached with all seriousness and doing gymnastics for the face every day. You can start with two or three repetitions of each exercise, and eventually go to ten. Do everything carefully, gently, and without strain. Soon you will be able to enjoy the effect of these amazing exercises!

And what kind of facelift exercises are in your arsenal? Share in the comments!

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