Exercises to help clean your stomach in a week

Here is the simple and tough truth about training: if you want to lose weight, you will have to work a lot. Of course, this is not exactly what countless marketers promise from the screens but no diet products will work for you. The sooner you realize that without difficulty the fish will remain oily, the sooner you will reach the goal. And these 5 most effective exercises for weight loss will help.

Interval Cardio

The American College of Sports Medicine has done several studies that show the serious effects of interval cardio on weight loss. Moreover, the intervals will help to accelerate the metabolism for a whole day after the workout consider that you burn fat just lying on the couch. Start with a run intersperse a 30-minute workout with “explosions” for 30 seconds every 5 minutes.


Many people are lazy to perform burpees and in vain. This is one of the best exercises for burning fat and speeding up metabolism. In addition, it does not require any simulators at all, you can do it at home, instead of charging. You do not need to immediately take it from a quarry if you are just starting to engage in the first two weeks, a minute or two of continuous work will be enough.

Rope jumping

1,074 calories are burned per hour of jumping. It is clear that jumping an hour without stopping just does not work, but even 15 minutes is already good. According to Science Daily, jumping rope is much more effective than regular running. As a bonus, one can mention an increase in bone density, speed of reaction, and even cognitive function of the brain.

Power training

Most people think that regular running will help to lose weight quickly, and strength training is useless. This is not true building muscle is one of the most effective ways to burn fat, while the metabolism remains elevated for the next two days. You can completely ignore the exercises on isolated muscle groups, focusing on the five main ones: deadlift, bench press, squats with a barbell, standing bench press and barbell pull to the belt.


Believe it or not, pull-ups even with your own weight make the muscles of the whole bodywork. This is an extremely effective exercise, forming the perfect male physique. Only you need to perform it correctly, clearly controlling the speed and tension of the muscles.

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