Feeder rods – what are they How to use them

Any type of fishing is suitable as long as it leads to catching a fish. Feeder rods – what are they How to use them Some anglers, however, prefer spinning, while others prefer fly fishing. Still others choose feeder rods . Regardless of the fishing method you choose, fishing is a great activity that can also be treated as a sport. After all, there is no shortage of various types of fishing events during which people who are professionals compete, for example, in catching the largest fish. However, in order to participate in such events, you need to acquire a lot of skills and knowledge. We can also fish just for fun. What should anglers who want to use a feeder rod need to know ?

Feeder rods - what are they How to use them

Feeder rods – what are they How to use them

What is Feeder really?

At the very beginning, it would be good to explain what a feeder actually is. It is nothing more than a way of fishing, which is based on the use of a bait basket, as well as an often vibrating tip designed to signal that the fish is pulling the bait. Instead of the aforementioned tip, some anglers use special baubles that are hung on the fishing line between the guides or an electronic bite indicator that informs with a light and sound signal. Therefore, everyone has the opportunity to choose the option that suits them best. The feeder rod  should also be selected for the type of fish we intend to catch and the specific fishery.

Do Poles know the Feeder method?

The feeder method came to our country all the way from England and its popularity is definitely growing. This is mainly due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It works especially well when catching grass carp and carp, i.e. fish common in Polish fisheries and providing a lot of excitement due to their large dimensions. The close distance between bait and bait makes this method extremely effective. In addition, fishing using the feeder method is effective practically throughout the fishing season. In order to achieve the right results, you will undoubtedly need good quality equipment, such as a solidly made feeder rod , appropriate accessories and a reel. How exactly does the use of the feeder method look like in practice? We will talk about this later in this article.

How to fish with a feeder?

Now that we have all the necessary equipment, we can get down to business. When fishing with a feeder, a bite will be signaled by the movements of the so-called tip. They should be quite strong and you can’t react only to slight deflections. From time to time, it is necessary to change the position of the feeder, i.e. to recast it. It’s best to do this every few minutes. You can’t just cast a fishing rod and sleep on a chair. Unfortunately, such behavior is definitely not conducive to successful fishing. The tip of the rod should be positioned as close to the water surface as possible. It is good if the angle between the line and the tip will be 90 degrees, and if it deviates from the given value, it is not necessarily associated with poorer fishing.

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