Many anglers are gadget geeks. FISHING GADGETS Some of their toys can be really interesting and improve the effectiveness of fishing or make fishing more enjoyable. Below are some of my suggestions.

Fish findery – echosondy

I think everyone knows what a “deeper” is. Thanks to it, even when fishing from the shore, we can get the echo sounder reading on the smartphone. You will also learn about the structure of the bottom and measure the temperature of the water in the fishery. The device also shows shoals of fish and single large individuals. If you place the device in the fishery, you will see whether there are fish there, and even approximately how many and what size. There are many similar echo sounders on the market. Check if a specific model can be used on ice.
A great example is the modern GARMIN fishfinder , which, among other things , has built-in Wi-Fi® and access to the ActiveCaptain™ application , which allows you to receive notifications from your phone, access the Quickdraw Contours community, upload routes and waypoints, and receive notifications of software updates . Additionally, built-in Quickdraw Contours software allows you to create and store maps with 30 cm contours for up to 2 million acres. With built-in GPS, you can mark waypoints, create routes, and check boat speed. 

Fish call i HydroWave H2 Fish Attractor 

Fish are curious. With their lateral line, they sense vibrations that encourage them to forage activity near the device. Fishcall and Hydro Wave are vibrating baits that lure fish to you. They act on predators like a large spinner or other spinning lure. You throw it into the water, and the fish lured by the vibrations come to you. At least that’s what it shows in the ad…

Floating fishing platform

It resembles a large pontoon, except that it is flat and has a rectangular base shape. You can anchor it anywhere on the water and pitch a tent on it. Thanks to this, you can comfortably fish in places inaccessible from the shore. Above all, however, camping on such a platform must be a unique adventure and an attraction in itself.
The product is made of a strong material with a thickness of almost 1 mm, so it is difficult to damage it. The manufacturer provides worldwide shipping. You can also buy a pontoon to swim to the shore.

Shoal Tent

It is not just the platform itself, but a full-size tent floating on the water. The size of the tent is about 2.5 by 2.5 m, measured to the outer edges. The entire structure is inflatable. The tent consists of 3 independent air chambers. It weighs about 30 kg.


What is a drone for fishing? More. Drones have already been used many times to place the rig in the selected place of the fishery. Not only that, drones were used to land smaller fish. Mounting the camera on the drone will also allow you to quickly review the water surface in search of fish traces near the surface, e.g. carp. It can also be used for baiting, although in smaller portions than with a remote-controlled boat.

Double Spring Rod Holder

This gadget can have as many supporters as opponents. It is a rod rest with a spring mechanism that makes an automatic hook at the moment of the bite. It will work in the ground method. It can be useful when you step away from the rod for a moment and a bite occurs. I have had many such situations, and I have seen even more by the water.

Water Wolf

The well-known underwater camera. By placing it on the line, you can record the moment of the bite and the fight of the fish. Thrown in a baited place on a separate line, it will allow you to see what was happening in the fishery. I have watched more than once how there were fish in the fishery all the time that did not bite, or were not there at all except for ruffles. Thanks to this, you can assess whether it is worth sitting on a given position and what can be changed to improve the fishing results.
Rafal Pokusinski

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