Habits That Spoil Our Beauty

The life of a girl is hard enough – how can you keep track of leading an impeccably healthy lifestyle.Ā Nevertheless, there are seemingly harmless habits that cause irreparable harm to our beauty in general and the skin and hair in particular. It’s time to get to know the “enemies” by sight.


Swimming in the pool is cool, but chlorinated water mercilessly dries the skin, moreover, it can cause allergic reactions. Use gentle cleansers before and after the pool, and apply nourishing oil afterward.


Alas, the main morning drink strongly dehydrates the body, making even the smallest wrinkles visible. Compensate each Americano with a large glass of water.

Popping pimples

You drive bacteria even deeper, as a result, the inflammation does not go away longer and “brings friends with it.”

Skip meals

The waist may benefit from this, but skin health does not. Always try to add olive oil, avocados, oranges, and almonds to your food they prolong youth.

Hot shower

In winter, most of us find it difficult to leave the confines of a hot shower, but it is worth limiting ourselves to 5 minutes so as not to dry out the skin that already suffers from the cold.

Lack of water

The less pure water you drink, the more dull and gray your skin looks. Conclusion? Do not neglect the recommendations on the correct drinking regime.

Your phone

Bacteria accumulate on the surface of the screen and if they are not eliminated in time, they quickly move to your face (hello, pimples on the cheeks and jawline). Get some antibacterial wipes and wipe your phone every night.

Getting Hair Products on Your Face

Another cause of acne is getting hairspray, wax, or even hair shampoo on your face. Keep the bottle away from your face, and in the shower always wash your hair first, and only then wash your face.

Sudden changes in weight

The skin does not have time to respond to your weight loss and weight gain, losing elasticity, and becoming saggy. No strict diets, just proper nutrition.

Lack of sleep

At night, the skin is restored as negatively as possible, and a healthy 8-hour sleep prolongs its youth better than mesotherapy.

Excess sodium in food

This is one of the main preservatives – it is harmful not only to health but also to the skin. Try not to lean on “chemical” seasonings and bagged soups, replacing them with homemade broths and dried herbs.

Forget about lips

The more often they become weathered and cracked, the faster they lose volume and age. It is not for nothing that each model’s bag always contains a tube of lip balm.

Stale pillowcases

Pillows and pillowcases are a good breeding ground for bacteria. It is advisable to give up feathers in favor of a synthetic winterizer, and change the pillowcase at least once a week this advice is especially relevant for owners of problem skin.

Excessive exfoliation

You need to exfoliate the skin, but if you do it too often, you can achieve the opposite effect increased production of sebum and an increase in the number of rashes. One (for girls with dry skin) or two (for those with oily skin) is enough once a week.

Do not follow facial expressions

We often do not notice that we are constantly frowning our forehead, squinting our eyes, and straining our jaw, and this, by the way, leads to the appearance of wrinkles. Watch your facial expressions, if necessary, do a relaxing massage in the evenings to help the skin and muscles relieve hypertonicity.


The main enemy of beauty is not even a dream in makeup, but stress. Do whatever you can to avoid it yoga, reading, and walking in the fresh air work best.

Excess sugar in the diet

If there is too much sugar, it starts to break down collagen fibers very important compounds for skin glow and firmness. Reduce the dose gradually, for example, start putting not three tablespoons of sugar in your tea, but two, after a week reduce the amount to 1 spoon.

Lack of movement

The better the blood circulation, the better the complexion. So no one canceled a walk with the dog in the park and morning exercises.

Alcohol craze

Even with all the beneficial properties of dry red, it dehydrates the skin, not to mention the fact that it provokes exacerbation of rosacea and psoriasis.


Yes, the sauna and steam bath help to remove toxins and excess fluid from the body, but at the same time, it promotes premature aging (blame the high temperature and infrared radiation for this). The safest option is a human, and then no more than once a month.


Those creepy pictures on the back of the packs are drawn for a reason.

Excess makeup

Sometimes your skin needs to rest leave a thick layer of foundation, bronzer, and powder for a special occasion, but on normal days and on weekends, try to limit yourself to a light moisturizing fluid.

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