The fullness of summer with its hot days is not the best time for fishing . In many tanks, the overheated water contains little oxygen, so the fish are lethargic. Sometimes you can even see carps or grass carp swimming under the surface of the water, but they don’t take anything from the bottom. This is a sign that it’s time to try carp fishing from the surface of the water .

Carp equipment

In principle, you can use typical carp tackle . The only difference is the use of long (1-2 m) leaders made of transparent line with a diameter of 0.22 – 0.30 mm. The idea is to prevent the carp from getting scared when they see a thick line, which also causes the lure to behave unnaturally.

With thinner leaders, it is necessary to set the brake in the reel accordingly. Fishing hooks are used as for chod riga – with the eye bent backwards. A water ball, spirolino or special carp floats are used as a float and weight. A container of Vaseline is useful. The fishing line lubricated with it will float nicely on the surface.

Baiting and baiting carp from the surface

Encourage little, but often. Enough for the fish to compete for food, but be able to eat it on a regular basis. Too little bait will make the fish wary. Too much – it will be pushed by the wind and will drive the carp away from the fishery. Bait at least a few minutes before casting the rig to gain the “trust” of the fish in the bait. The longer you bait without fishing, the better your chance of catching some fish. What to lure? Floating dog food, popcorn, bread cubes, roasted hemp, pop-ups. It is best to shoot bait from a slingshot, but you can also use a rocket. It is important that the groundbait is fairly concentrated in a small area so that the fish have to compete for it.



Baits for fishing from the surface include bread, dog biscuits, popcorn and floating pellets and boilies. Also recommendable are artificial worms or corn, or even artificial biscuits for dogs. You can also try a dry fly. These can be trout, carp or homemade foam flies. All these lures can be “boosted” additionally with scent attractors.

The best conditions for fishing from the surface

It is easiest to fish on warm days, with windless weather and unwrinkled water surface. Then you can see well feeding fish and the moment of bite. The wind, on the other hand, blows the groundbait out of the fishery, which makes fishing difficult. Turbid water is also conducive to taking, as opposed to clear water.

Carp fishing from the surface

We start with baiting. Once the fish have settled in the fishery, you can try to catch them. We cast the rig behind the baiting area, and then slowly roll it into the fishery. Throwing the rig among feeding carp will almost certainly scare them away. I noticed that sometimes it’s better to hide the hook in the bait so that it doesn’t scare away cautious fish (of course only in soft bait). Alone, it is also better to hide behind the bushes and avoid making noise. If you can see a fish, chances are it can see you too.

When fishing from the surface, you need to be mobile and actively look for fish. Not every carp swimming near the surface will be eager to eat the bait. You need to look for feeding fish, preferably in a group, not individual individuals.

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