How to fish for pollack in the fjords from a boat.

Currently, fishing trips to Norway are very fashionable. HOW TO FISH FOR POLLACK IN THE NORWEGIAN FJORDS. .Many people want to catch big fish there. Going to Norway is quite a big undertaking, especially for the first time. You have to prepare for it quite well. The cost of such a trip is also not small. As a rule, it is several thousand zlotys, plus the cost of buying fishing equipment needed for fishing in fjords and at sea. You can go there with a special trip and pay for organizing such a trip, or try to organize everything yourself and save a little without paying an intermediary.

Fish in Norway

In fact, there are a lot of fish there, but fishing, especially pollack, is not so easy. These fish have their preferences and it depends on many factors that you either have to come up with during a few days of fishing or ask anglers who know how to catch them.

First of all, they are not caught in the depths, but on slopes and hills. This is their favorite place, especially during tides, we can’t miss it, because then they feed best. a good echo sounder is needed to track them. Without it, we can go without a fish even for many days. It will allow us to track many fish and show the shape of the bottom, after which we will know how and where to fish. Of course, common by-catches are cod, saithe, haddock, ling and even halibut which like the tops by the deep where they rest and feed.


What fishing gear for pollack in Norway.

Which spinning rod to choose for Norwegian pollack.

Of course, the basis and the most important thing is the spinning rod. The length does not have to be large, from 180-240 cm is enough. The more important thing is its casting weight. In my opinion, there is no need to use rods over 40g of cast. My suggested casting weight is 28-40g. It is important that the rod is made of good quality blanks. It must be “fast”, i.e. extinguish quickly, which means that it must return to an upright position quickly. It can’t roll around and be a soft rod. Semi-parabolic action, better tip, minimum MediumFast, preferably Fast. A pollack spinning rod must also have strong, high-quality guides, which in turn must withstand heavy overloads. Sometimes we pull fish from 70 meters, and frequent repetition of casts can cause abrasion of the braid or damage to the guides, or porcelain on grommets. And this guarantees us the loss of fish and lures. Which we certainly wouldn’t want. Not to say that such a rod is not suitable for fishing. Of course, different cases can happen, which is why we take several rods on such a trip.


Which spinning reel to choose for Norwegian pollack?

The reel is best with a front brake (I prefer that), but it can also be with a rear one if you like. Size 4000 or 5000 is enough, and if someone has 3000, they will also manage. The only downside is that you’ll have to work harder to fold it up. First of all, a pollack reel must have a strong and precise drag, the fish in Norway are really strong. More than once I saw how from under the boat she was able to chase back to the bottom. Therefore, there is no need to save on reels. In our fishing shop you will find many suitable reels. In addition, I will be happy to advise and advise in the selection. The same applies, of course, to the previously described rods and all the equipment needed for the trip.

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