How To Fix Makeup Mistakes?

It is no secret that there are a lot of different requirements for women in our world. A representative of the fair sex should be beautiful and educated, and even successful in addition. You have to learn something from the stars, adopt their habits, copy makeup, and clothing style.

How to fix makeup mistakes

Unfortunately, not every woman can use the services of professionals. Because of this, the images they have chosen do not suit them. Makeup artist Yulia Izmailova helps ladies to become real beauties.

Eye Contour Error

This girl is incredibly attractive, and with the help of eyeliner, she tried to highlight her cat eyes. But because of the boundaries she made, they look as if they are somehow “separate” on the face. Julia offered the beauty of her own version of makeup, carefully shading the lines. This makes her eyes look more voluminous rather than flat.

There is one more thing blush on several points. Thanks to this, the girl’s face became more contoured and lively. And her lips added volume and became very attractive.

Not the best choice for the impending century

This lady made thin arrows along the upper overhanging eyelid. She failed to visually lift it. The master chose a slightly different scheme, thanks to which the perception of the girl’s face changed.

Note that she chose the wrong lipstick for herself. Her matte tone and pencil strokes made her lips look fuller, but they look unnatural. The make-up artist used a shiny tint for the ward and supplemented the image with a blush.

The wrong color chosen

The woman belongs to the “Autumn” color type, and chose makeup for herself in shades that are more suitable for “Winter”.

Because of this, her face began to seem unpleasant and harsh. In addition, cosmetics have highlighted all skin imperfections. Julia managed to correct this mistake and made the girl’s make-up in warm colors.

Scary “smokey ice”

It’s no secret that the effect of “smoky eyes” is surprisingly ambiguous. This makeup is not for everyone. If you need to correct the shape of the eyes, then it is not enough just to circle the eyes and make shading. Such makeup pulls the corners of the eye down. The hairstyle worsened the overall perception of the image. The girl looked very strange and unattractive.

The makeup artist made her a natural and light make-up, thanks to which the beauty’s face changed. The blush illuminated the blue eyes. There was no need for dark lipstick, and it became very noticeable after the work of a specialist.

Inappropriate lipstick tone

All the girls we are going to talk about now made the same mistake. They have chosen the wrong shade of lipstick. It did not suit them at all. Julia did not have to put much effort, she just had to find the perfect color.

And she did it. For such ladies, we have a simple piece of advice, be sure to use samples before buying cosmetics. You will see if the tone doesn’t suit you.

Strange concept makeup

Naturally, conceptual makeup allows any woman to express her individuality. But cosmetics should not disfigure the face, its task is to correct imperfections.

This girl looks catchy, but the overhanging eyelid and the littered corner of the eye spoil her. The makeup artist managed to change everything for the better with the help of a few neat strokes.

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