Fishing adventures with Teddy Fisher part 1

The beginning of the season this year was really difficult. I TEST TEDDY FISHER GROUNDBAIT ON THE FISHERY  The cold and changeable weather caused the fish to bite poorly. Apart from short windows with good weather, it was hard to get bites. So I check the effectiveness of the new Teddy Fisher groundbaits .

Crucian carp

First time in my favorite spring spot and only some “poultry” picking worms. I cast about 20 m from the shore among clumps of amphibious knotweed rotten after winter. In previous years, carp were great there, there were beautiful ides and even some sturgeon .

Since some sun came out, I decide to change the feeder to a float and throw it under the reeds. I throw a ball of bait and after a few minutes the tip is jerked by a half-pound crucian carp . I don’t have much time left, but I catch another fart. In the next few expeditions, this tactical maneuver with shortening the distance again brings crucian carp.




In the spring I often have pike bites for worms when I’m feeder fishing . Usually for earthworms buried in the garden. This time I am testing Teddy Fisher carp pellets on one of the sets , and Teddy Fisher “Carp” groundbait on the other . After more than an hour of silence for neck pellets, I have a beautiful departure. Unfortunately, the fish sticks in a clump of weed and the leader breaks. I decide to throw the second set to the very shore. I have an aggressive bite on a bunch of white worms. The fish, however, goes peacefully. I suspect a bream, but the rodeo begins right under your feet. But is it carp ? The fish cannot be lifted off the bottom. After a while, a zander comes to the shore !



I decided to train a bit and play with quantitative fishing. I want to check what will take a distance 30 m and how “Concentix spice” from Teddy Fisher will work . I cast a little further, sink the line and reel in at the right distance. The baiting went quite accurately and after a while I got a bite. Rudd like a hand swallows worms deeply. After about 20 rudds, I stop wanting to count. I think I have bites on every cast and almost all fish are golden rudd. This is a big surprise for me, because I fish in open water, where normally these fish do not appear. To the set of rudds I add carp over 2 kilos for Teddy Fisher “Halibut” pellets .




Rafal Pokusinski

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