The Main Secrets Of Female Beauty!

The former model shared her experience. Some women only get better with age. They are compared to good wine, they are kindly envied. Everyone thinks they have a special secret of youth.

Beauty laws

In fact, it doesn’t take much to maintain yourself in beauty and health. It is enough to adhere to a few principles. If you find the strength to do everything exactly. You will soon see for yourself how strong your body can be.

Alignment with digestion intestines is the system responsible for nutrition and immunity. It must work flawlessly. Any malfunction in the intestines leads to poisoning of the body. As a result, we have dull skin, brittle hair, and other problems that every woman has encountered at least once.

Oriental medicine says: the small intestine is the roots of our body. If the intestines are whole, healthy, then the body will thrive. Accordingly, a person will live much longer.

Intestinal health is directly related to the food you consume. Fresh fruits and vegetables, salads, soups, and cereals, the absence of pastry in the diet will have a beneficial effect on the state of the whole body.

Additional attention should be paid to the fluid entering the body. Skin health, slimness, energy, sleep quality all depend on the amount of water you drink per day.

Hard to believe, but it really is! The fact is that in the structure of the epidermis there are fibers of protein origin collagens. They have the characteristic feature of increasing in volume when released into the aquatic environment.

As a result, the pressure on the skin from the inside increases. Wrinkles decrease and disappear, tissues regenerate better. The smoothness of your skin depends on this process.

Ensuring that the body receives enough water is the best way to give it a long youth. You just need to drink 1.5-2 liters daily. The result will be evident!

Getting ready for bedLack of sleep leads to serious health problems. Always try to go to bed and get up at the same time to help your body develop a habit. Spend at least 8 hours of sleep after a while, you will notice amazing results!

The benefits of sleep are difficult to overestimate. In addition to bodily relaxation, a person receives a priceless mental rest. Extra information that has accumulated during the day leaves, emotions come to balance. No wonder they say: the morning is wiser than the evening.

Breathe in and breathe again working indoors results in a lack of oxygen. If you sit in the office all day, walk at least a few stops in the evening. Open the vents for ventilation, in the summer sleep with an open window or balcony door.

On weekends, be sure to walk in nature. So you can compensate for a sedentary lifestyle and provide your body with the necessary 30 cubic meters of fresh air per hour.

VitaminsFresh vegetables and fruits have long been recognized as the most reliable source of vitamins. This applies to the seasonal period. In winter, a sufficient amount of vitamins can be found in dried fruits. So feel free to lean on compotes, add dried fruits and nuts to morning cereals and be sure to drink rosehip infusion the best source of vitamin C.

There are also pharmacy vitamins. Be careful! An excess of them leads to violations of a different nature, a reasonable dosage is very important here.

Experts include lentils, blueberries, spinach, tomatoes, carrots, turkey, and nuts to miracle foods that provide a vitamin balance in the body. In order for the result to become noticeable as soon as possible, eat the above foods at least 4 times a week.

Good attitudeAvoid negative emotions. A stable state of mind is as important as a physical state. Down with depression and sadness! The joke, laugh, be kind, and try not to envy anyone. Then your old age will have a beautiful, young face.

Focus on handsTake care of the delicate skin of your hands. You may not even guess how clearly she gives outage. Pigmented spots, wrinkles, protruding bones all this changes hands imperceptibly and insidiously.

The additional load on the hands harms them no less than temperature changes. We all have to clean up, wash, hide our hands in our pockets from time to time because the gloves were left at home. But the skin on them is as delicate as on the face! Only the face is protected by tonal and moisturizing creams, and the hands are not.

Start glove season as soon as the temperature drops below +5 degrees. Wear gloves in early spring and late fall to keep your hands looking youthful for as long as possible.

What beauty secrets do you know? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to share useful information with your friends!

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