5 Simple Exercises To Help Get The Same Sexy Dimples

They argue about them, dream, and endlessly admire them. We’ll just show you how to get these very “dimples of Venus”. We present you a workout to create two small, but beautiful dimples on the lower back at home. Let these exercises help you find a new feature and an interesting “highlight”. Here are 5 simple exercises to help get the same sexy dimples.

5 simple exercises to help get the same sexy dimples

What do you need to remember?

  • Simples will be visible and effectively underlined only if you do not exceed the threshold of your healthy weight,
  • The exercises presented will not only help in finding dimples but also strengthen the health of the back,
  • Be sure to stretch your legs before doing the exercises,
  • Each exercise should be done in 2-3 approaches,
  • In the first workout, start with 8 repetitions of one exercise,
  • Increase the number of repetitions with each workout (until you reach 15-20 repetitions in one approach),
  • Use the mat to workout on the floor to protect your back.

1. The cat


  • Work simultaneously with your right hand with your left foot, and then change sides,
  • Try to stretch as much as possible while doing this exercise,
  • Be sure to stay a bit at the “peak” point of the exercise.

2. Hypertension


  • Try to stretch your arms out as hard as possible
  • Keep your back tense.

3. Hips


  • Keep your feet pressed to the floor
  • You can help yourself with your hands, lying perpendicular to the body and leaning on them,
  • Note that this exercise also trains buttocks well.

4. Superman


  • Arms and legs should not be bent,
  • This exercise is also called “swimming” (perhaps the second name will help to remember it faster).

5. Superman deflection


  • Exercise is done in stages
  • The first part – raise your arms and legs and pull as high as possible,
  • The second part – bend your back, resting your palms on the floor.

We wish you good luck pumping up the “dimples of Venus”!

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