Spinning rods – beginner angler’s guide

Fishing can be a passion with many benefits. In addition to being outdoors, relaxing and calming down with a bit of luck and skill, it also gives satisfaction from the caught fish. These, in turn, can be consumed or released into the reservoir, if fishing is only a form of sport.

To start fishing, you need to know the rules and know what equipment to choose to start with. Here are some basic tips.

First steps to fishing

An adventure with fishing should always start with completing the formalities. Not everyone knows that in fishing, just like in hunting, there are certain rules, the non-compliance of which may result in high fines. An example may be failure to comply with the conservation period and dimension of fish.

The main preliminary activities include obtaining a fishing license and reading the Rules of Amateur Fishing (RAPR). Even before going to the water, you must also apply for a permit for amateur fishing issued by the host of the reservoir where the fishery is located. You also need to complete the equipment.

Beginner anglers should start with spinning fishing. It is relatively simple and consists in placing a bait at the end of the monofilament or braided line. It is then thrown into the water and rolled up.

A properly guided underwater lure encourages fish to swallow it together with the hook. This activity requires a bit of practice and different behavior depending on the type of tank. However, it guarantees a high probability of success in catching a specimen even by an inexperienced amateur.

Spinning rods – what are they characterized by?

For many years, spinning has been used mainly for pike and catfish fishing. However, because the latest technologies have made major changes in the production of fishing equipment, currently spinning rods are more universal and are suitable for catching both predators and small roaches or breams.

For spinning fishing, you need the right rods. They should provide the user with the comfort of making long and quiet casts, and at the same time well-thought-out lure handling. Therefore, the spinning rod is relatively short and has a low casting weight.

The rod is light but very durable, which is why it withstands the fight with a large predator well. Low weight is of great importance for the comfort of fishing, as it allows the angler to change position without feeling too much weight on the equipment.

Experienced anglers know that what counts in spinning is not the low price of the equipment, but its durability combined with the lightness of the rod. Therefore, a rod for a novice angler should be selected taking into account several basic parameters.

How to choose a spinning rod for a beginner angler?

A spinning rod for beginners should be selected on the basis of the same criteria that are also guided by veterans. First of all, you should know that spinning is not always the same. The division criterion is the weight of the bait thrown, which of course determines the size of the fish caught. This characteristic is referred to as casting weight. Spinning stands out:

The choice of the rod should be dictated by what kind of fish the angler intends to hunt. Ultralight spinning is used when fishing for perch or trout. Heavy spinning is reserved for catfish and pike. A rod for a novice angler should also have a stable grip that will make casting easier.

The second parameter worth paying attention to is the slow or fast deflection of the rod. This feature should match the type of line or braid used and the weight of the cast.

The rod together with the line and the bait placed on it must be sufficiently flexible and cooperate with the angler. Braided is not very resilient, so it is better to mount it in a rod with a quick deflection. When fishing with monofilament, a harder rod with a slow deflection will be better.

The length of the rod is also an important parameter. As a standard, it ranges from 180 to 320 cm. The criterion for its selection is primarily the place of fishing.

When spinning from a boat, the rod can be shorter and 2.20-2.40 m long. When fishing from the shore, the rod should be about 2.70 m long.

Where to buy spinning rods for beginner anglers?

Fishing equipment is not cheap, so when buying, it is worth considering its quality. Thanks to this, you can count on the fact that the rod will not break during the struggle with a large predator.

A good branded spinning rod for beginners will cost a little more, but it will last a long time and will not expose us to another purchase. In addition, the careful finish and attention to detail will undoubtedly contribute to greater fishing comfort.


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