Sunglasses Trends 2020

Sunglasses a stylish bow and UV protection. What should I look for when choosing them? When warm days come, the sun can be not only a friend but also a dangerous enemy. Blinding glare from its rays is unpleasant and sometimes harmful. Those who drive a car need to be extremely careful in this matter and select high-quality glasses, but not too darkened. All others should pay attention to the degree of protection of the lenses from UV radiation. Here are some of Sunglasses Trends 2020.

Sunglasses Trends 2019

If the glasses are decorative and are used mainly as an accessory, they can weakly protect the eyes from the sun. Therefore, choose trending things that have good protection. Leave decorative items for photo shoots or wear for a short time. This also applies to colored lenses. They are not too suitable for everyday wear, as they distort perception and can affect human health.

Sunglasses Trends 2020

Sunglasses Trends 2019

Mirror spraying is most in demand now. Equally fashionable is considered both a color and a monophonic version of the model. The following world-famous brands are mostly sold out of brands:

  • Dior
  • Versace
  • Ray-ban

Today, a showroom of glasses in Kyiv offers to choose sunscreen accessories from these companies and many others.

In order, we will tell about the news of each brand

Sunglasses Trends 2019


This manufacturer has created original glasses, the uniqueness of which lies in the absence of a frame. The lenses are connected to the temples with one thin metal part. An interesting feature of the model is also in fixing the glasses. It occurs in the middle, and not along the edges as usual. This bow is ideal for the military-style.


Here at the peak of popularity is a “cat-like” image. Successfully this season will be the layout of black lenses and temples with original ornaments. This model of glasses is universal and suits most of the fair sex.


This brand has long established itself as a quality product and an exceptional style of execution. Here the most famous and sought-after model is still the Aviator. The latest trend of the season is the original drops. They are good to wear for girls and women whose face is oval or triangular. Aviator glasses are a unisex style that is equally well suited to many clothing options.

Sunglasses Trends 2019

The collections of Dior, Versace, and Ray-Ban are without a doubt popular and grandiose. But since each woman is individual, it may be worth trying other brands for comparison, to choose what suits you. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the high quality of the product. Remember that a good accessory cannot be cheap. Poor-quality glasses in the best case will not bring benefits in protection against ultraviolet radiation, and in the worst case, they can be dangerous to the health of the eyes.

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