About 5 years ago, I witnessed a one in a million event. A family with children came to Wierzyca near Stargard Gdański. There is nothing special about it, because it was a holiday. The youngest of the gang was maybe 5 years old. This little one, instead of playing with the rest of the children, asked his father to make him a fishing rod. Dad took a stick, tied the string, and instead of a hook he tied the pin from a Coke can. I don’t even remember if he took any bait. Maybe a grasshopper. It doesn’t matter, because the little one had no chance to catch anything at the very shore, in knee-deep water where children were swimming. The boy, however, did not know that, so he went to the water to soak the stick. I don’t know if it’s been 5 minutes since he caught his first fish! Shocking. She was maybe 5 cm, the tin hook was wider than herself, and yet somehow she hung on. for you to see how the parents reacted. If I hadn’t seen it, I would have thought it was a real goldfish! There was no end to laughter, screams and congratulations. The saying that it is not the equipment that catches the fish, but the angler has proven true.

I hope that boy is still fishing. If so, it’s probably already with better equipment, which is more comfortable and effective.

Modern rods for the demanding

If you already have fishing experience, you are an enthusiast and you can afford it, you can afford the best rods . The easiest way to recognize them is the price – the higher, the more modern the stick. But why such a big difference in price that one spinning rod costs PLN 100, and another, seemingly similar, costs PLN 2,400?

High-end rods are mounted on blanks produced in a technology that allows to reduce their weight. Thanks to this, they tire the hand less, but also the back. Such a blank is also more sensitive – it better indicates bites or transfers the attacks of a fighting fish. Its disadvantage, however, is greater susceptibility to damage.


Dragon Pro Guide X 2.75m 10-30g rod that best transmits the work of the lure and fish bite


The modern blank is equipped with guides suitable for the method, usually the lightest and most resistant to abrasion. Apparently, the insert in the guide influences how loudly the braided cable squeaks.


Specialist feeder rod Browning Sphere Braid Special 360cm/50g

Slightly less important is the finish of the butt, i.e. the reel seat: is the handle made of good cork or durable plastic? However, these elements are of great visual importance and an expensive rod must look good.

Top class reels

A good reel is like a Swiss watch – its heart is a precise mechanism, but the price is also influenced by … a shiny casing. Probably everyone understands that the quality of the reel is not determined by the number of bearings, or at least not only. The most important thing is the precise mechanism that makes the grinder work smoothly. All its parts are solid, ergonomic, made of good materials, and the whole is carefully designed and tested. Second, high-end reels usually have titanium or aluminum housings or spools for added durability. They also look better because they don’t scratch or rub off like plastic. Other elements are made of graphite , for example , to reduce the weight of the “grinder”.

Lightweight Shimano Sephia BB C3000S reel with X-Ship drive


To sum up: the advantage of a high-end reel over a budget reel lies in its precision, reliability and durability .


Light and fast Shimano Sephia BB C3000S with X-Ship drivetrain and corrosion protection

How to care for expensive equipment?

In order for the rod and reel to serve for many years, you need to take care of them. First of all, they need to be stored and transported in special fishing bags . Such a cover should be made of a durable, waterproof material and have appropriate stiffening. In addition, it should have a soft lining. It’s good if it has Velcro so that the rod segments don’t bump into each other. These velcro can also be purchased separately.


Rod cover Daiwa rigid three-chamber 128 cm


It is good to shake the fish cover from any sand before we put the rods in it and it should not be placed on the ground. We should also have protection for him in case of rain. A simple plastic bag is enough.

Rods are best washed, at least roughly, after each fishing. Also watch out for the trunk door, which has deprived the tips of many rods. Wipe the reels of sand and dirt and lubricate them from time to time.

Shimano Tribal Sync reel cover that can be attached directly to the reel 

Shimano Tribal Sync reel cover that can be attached directly to the rod


Rafal Pokusinski


* The main picture shows a Flagman Grantham Feeder 4000 reel

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