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What is the Kd mount and how is it made? Guide for amateur fishermen

Carp is a favorite fish of many amateur or professional fishermen, What is the Kd mount and how is it made? Guide for amateur fishermen because it can be considered a real challenge and a premium in their track record. Its suspicious nature and excellent vision in all kinds of environmental conditions make the fish not easily caught in the needle, which implies from the beginning the approach of different types of mounts to deceive and catch it. 

What is the Kd mount and how is it made?


The mount is basically a set of parts that work together to attract fish into the net, among its component parts the leadcore, the lead, the vortex, the silicone cone can be mentioned. Among the most used are the in-line mount, combi-rig type mount and rigid wire mount. Also in this category can be mentioned the kd mount, made by Kenny Dorsett, an old-school English fisherman, who managed to greatly influence fishing thanks to his own invention.


In the article below you will discover more interesting and very useful information about what the kd mount is and how to do it correctly, so that you can have spectacular results on the water’s edge and come home with beautiful carp. 

What is kd mount?

What is the Kd mount and how is it made? – Guide for amateur fishermen

The kd mount was invented by Kenny Dorsett and received his initials, being considered one of the most effective for diving boilies. The mount gives a special angle to the hook that will make it impossible for the fish to escape. Many fishermen prefer it because they know for sure that if there are large carp in the pond, then they will be more attracted to this type of mount and that the small fish will stay away or won’t be able to swallow the hook. 


The kd mount is considered to be a straight one, being balanced on the hairline next to the kurv type hook without lignealigner or shrinktube (it will manage to stay on the substrate thanks to the alice provided with the lead). It can be considered an alternative to the hairline mount, enjoying real success on all kinds of waters (less so on wild ones, say some fishermen). 

How is the kd mount made?


The kd mount is an advantageous one because it comes with certain particularities, such as the lack of guide varnish and the special removal of the hair between the turns. The hair may seem a bit long, but this is due to its position perpendicular to the hook shaft. A small fish can be attracted to the rig just like a larger one, however, it will not be able to catch the hook, which is only a win for the angler who wants to make some impressive catches. 


A few steps must necessarily be followed to properly make such a mount with truly spectacular results. Thus, the amateur fisherman must take into account the following indications:

  • The first step is the one in which the fisherman will make the loop for the stop without peeling the camasuit line;
  • The second step refers to the introduction of the boilies on the hair and putting the stop;
  • The fisherman continues the mount by inserting the line through the eye of the hook and adjusting the appropriate distance;
  • Four loops are made in the classic way of the knot without a knot;
  • The fisherman pulls the strand of hair towards him and makes 4 more turns;
  • The last step is the return through the eyelet, through the back of the hairline.


Specialists in large-sized carp fishing mention the fact that this rig is very effective when it is equipped with heavy, bottom baits, and that it gives excellent results if the kurv shank hooks (curved inward hook) are used, which are distinguished by the terminal part bent inwards.


In order to make very good rigs, anglers must have some top parts and accessories on them, such as: rigging lines, hooks of certain sizes, leadcore, leads, stops, scissors, pliers, lead, lead alices, lures .


In conclusion, amateur fishermen, who want to enjoy beautiful catches of huge carp, must know how to make a real kd mount, so as to immediately attract the big fish and avoid the small ones. The knowledge of specialists in the field, who teach anyone to make durable and efficient mounts, as well as the appropriate equipment and tools will guarantee the results. 

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