Why are beautiful women alone?

Most people believe that being born attractive is an invaluable gift of fate and great luck. Many are envious of the beautiful and are sure that the young ladies whom nature endowed with a stunning appearance bypass the difficulties in personal relationships. However, it is the pretty women who are often lonely, unhappy, and with low self-esteem.

Why are beautiful women alone

One gets the feeling that the world has gone crazy. Since a huge number of beautiful girls remain in splendid isolation, while the unremarkable, most ordinary “gray mice” start novels and go down the aisle with educated and promising guys. Let’s try to understand why this is happening.

Why are beautiful women alone

They are scared

The key reason for loneliness lies on the surface: most men are simply afraid of beauties. After a series of long-term experiments, scientists from Spain found that a few minutes of communication with a young beautiful lady is tremendous stress for a representative of the stronger sex. For example, when trying to get to know her, the body produces the same amount of epinephrine (adrenaline) as it is released into the blood of a person who is preparing to jump with a parachute.

In front of the female beauty of many, real animal horror encompasses. When talking with the guys, their knees begin to tremble, the tongue weaves, perspiration appears on the forehead, and self-esteem rapidly decreases. Others are convinced that beauty certainly already has a partner, which means acquaintance, courtship does not make sense. There are those who think that any beauty is too spoiled. They fear that they will not be able to provide her requests. The man is convinced: as a work of painting needs a chic frame (frame), only a very expensive thing should surround a spectacular girl.

Why are beautiful women alone

There are only two types that can easily get acquainted, communicate with prominent girls. The first are alpha males who do not miss the opportunity to replenish their collection with the next trophy. In such relationships, as a rule, there is no talk of respect, in them, there is no place for love and care. For such men, the inner world, the personality of the fair sex is not of interest and value. Another type is individuals who have worked (with a psychologist or on their own) their fears. They have done tremendous work on personal growth, self-development.

Why are beautiful women alone

Female internal contradictions

Of course, beauty is still given signs of attention. But often, alas, only womanizer and professional seducers seeking to replenish the list of their own victories. These are abusers, loving smoothies, preoccupied and other emotionally flawed individuals, convinced that feelings are bought, and the question is only in cost. And, finally, those who rank the weaker sex among people of the 2nd grade: “a chicken is not a bird, a woman is not a man.”

Why are beautiful women alone

The main catch is that the list of other qualities of their personality is so hopeless that our attractive and adequate lady subconsciously begins to resort to non-verbal signals that allow her to repel such instances. She is very uncomfortable. To once again not interact with guys of this type, she puts on a mask of pride and self-confidence. But, alas, the more impregnable it becomes, the more it scares away worthy candidates from whom it could theoretically have harmonious relations.

Beauty is work!

When answering the question why chic ladies are often single and have difficulty finding their soul mate, and those who are lucky are rarely successful in personal and family relationships, it is worth mentioning that truly beautiful, stylish and sexy ladies tend to spend more time for yourself than for your partner.

Why are beautiful women alone

Perhaps no one except women knows that, first of all, beauty is daily hard work. And if at the candy-flower stage the cavalier is pleased to realize that his GODDESS spent half a day creating a transcendentally sexy image, then living with her passion under one roof, the guy at one moment is not at all a wonderful moment to realize: in everyday life, the dearest half is allotted for him, not the first place. The priority is fitness, shopping, massage, manicure, makeup, peeling, and more. Anyone who has managed to grasp the true state of things, lovers bypass, because they dream that a girlfriend/wife would deal exclusively with his beloved.

Environmental influences

In addition, loved ones (especially the parents of the beauty) unconsciously try to interfere with her personal relationships. If adults see that their daughter is turning into a real beauty and attracts an excessive amount of male attention, relatives do their best to protect the growing child from possible negative consequences, choosing sometimes quite dubious methods. For example, inspiring a girl that “men are goats who need only one thing.” It also happens that until she reaches adulthood, she is kept in “hedgehogs”, making it impossible to comprehend the basics of communication with the opposite sex.

Why are beautiful women alone

And, of course, in society, beauty is accompanied by a mass of stereotypes. The most common: beautiful, then – bitch / stupid doll/mercantile. This forces good and worthy girls to waste strength and energy, protecting themselves from cliches rooted in society.

Beautiful girls are often lonely: what does psychology say about this?

Most experts agree that the reasons for loneliness include:

  • Excessive demands of beauties to the opposite sex.
  • Lack of initiative waiting for the “prince” (guys also do not seek to take the initiative, for fear of being rejected).
  • Loneliness as a result of fear of new acquaintances.
  • Lack of a suitable candidate in the environment.
  • High self-esteem and, as a result, a heavy selfish character.

Do not discount the fact that the number of men is, in principle, less than women.

In the modern world, the words “beautiful” and “lonely” often become synonymous. An incredible situation: unremarkable friends managed to acquire a life partner for a long time, and a chic beauty spends time all alone. It’s true, “Do not be born beautiful!” Spectacular girls think, maybe it’s worth changing something in your life. And then a new vision of the situation will be outlined, new meetings and acquaintances will be outlined, new chances will appear!

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